Marketing New Construction With Drones

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Drone Video Marketing for New Construction in Boise, ID

If you’re a builder or contractor looking for new construction marketing ideas, Boise Aerial Drone Photography should be your first stop. Owner Josh Garling has the experience you need to get great marketing material for your new builds, allowing you to showcase your business' best work.

Most consumers rely on visuals when making decisions, like which construction project to invest in or which house to buy. If you want those consumers to choose your projects, you need to have high-quality visuals to go along with your high-quality construction. Having maps, floorplans, meetings, and lists is all well and good, but nothing beats seeing the real thing.

Let us help you help your business.

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New Construction Timeline by Drone Photo

Building a timeline for your construction project can be a valuable resource for you. From start to finish, Boise Aerial Drone Photography will be there to help.

Our primary services include:
Our business owner, Josh, will take pictures of your site from pre-construction surveying through project completion via drone. He’ll put the collected photos into a single timeline video once the project is complete. You will have ownership of these complete and extensive videos to assure your investors of the quality of your project and to attract buyers for your property.
We will help your marketing campaign stand out from the crowd. It’s increasingly easy to just buy a drone and take a few pictures, but the camera technology is useless without an experienced drone photographer and videographer behind it.

It takes hundreds of hours of work using drones to distinguish yourself from amateur photographers. Josh Garling, founder and owner of Boise Aerial Drone Photography has the expertise to take pictures and video from the right height, angles, times, and frequency, and is eager to use it for your benefit.

We are proud to offer:

  • Customized Service - We work with each client as an individual to capture the footage they want. Also, Instead of taking on everything yourself, let us take care of the photographing and videoing that’s needed for your construction site so you can focus on your specialties in building.
  • Advertising Opportunities - The perspectives given by drones can draw in more potential buyers.
  • Early Identification of Issues - The early bird catches the worm, and the company that catches an issue when it starts can prevent future disasters. Let us help you find the worm.
  • Increased Employee Safety - Detecting early issues and looking carefully at a construction location before your employees set foot on the site can seriously reduce the risk of injury.

Boise Aerial Drone Photography was founded by Josh Garling – a US Armed Forces Veteran – to provide all the drone services you need from commercial or residential real estate aerial drone photography, to rooftop inspections, and to aerial drone videography. We operate in the Boise, Idaho metropolitan area including Star, Middleton, Caldwell, Kuna, and Mountain Home.

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Our customers are saying:

“This guy is amazing, listens to comments and has lots of interesting ideas. We had a great time on the project. Beautiful shots and photos. He communicates in three languages, fantastic. Great camera kit. Wonderful man. Thank you Josh”

- M. C. Cieminski

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