May 29, 2024

Professional Drone Photography: Where Precision Meets Creativity


Do you need photos or videos for real estate marketing or construction? If so, you'll be aware that there are many options available to you. There are many different photographers in the Boise, ID area with different specialties and a range of photo packages. But when you need aerial footage, there are fewer choices.

Aerial drone photography is a recent technological innovation and can be challenging to perfect. Josh Garling, founder of Boise Aerial Drone Photography, has spent many hours learning to take spectacular pictures and videos with drones. The results of drone photography are worth the expenditure. 


Why Should You Hire a Professional Drone Photographer

While passion can drive amazing results, professional photographers bring several advantages to the table compared to hobbyists:

Experience and Expertise -
  • Technical Skills: Professionals have honed technical skills in areas like lighting, exposure, composition, and camera settings. They can adapt to various situations and produce consistent, high-quality images.
  • Post-Processing: Professional photographers are skilled in advanced editing techniques to enhance photos without looking artificial. They know how to adjust colors, and sharpness, and remove imperfections for a polished look.
  • Genre Specialization: Many professionals specialize in specific areas like real estate, portraits, or product photography. This deepens their understanding of the unique challenges and desired outcomes for each genre.

Client Focus and Business Acumen -
  • Client Communication: Professionals excel at understanding client needs and translating them into visuals. They can guide clients through the process, pose subjects effectively, and ensure everyone feels comfortable during the shoot.
  • Reliability and Deadlines: Meeting deadlines and ensuring consistency are crucial for professional photographers. They're reliable partners who can deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Business Management: Professionals handle contracts, invoicing, and marketing themself. They understand the business side of photography and can navigate client relationships effectively.

Equipment and Resources -
  • Reliable Gear: Professional photographers invest in high-end cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment. This gear allows them to capture sharp images in low-light situations and handle demanding technical requirements.
  • Backup Equipment: Professionals have backup cameras and lenses to deal with equipment failure during a shoot. This minimizes downtime and ensures project completion.

It's important to remember: Some talented hobbyists might possess some of these skills. However, professional photographers consistently deliver high-quality work, meet deadlines, and manage client expectations – all crucial aspects for businesses or individuals relying on photography to achieve their goals.

There are several advantages to hiring a professional photographer for real estate, construction, and marketing purposes including - 

  • High-Quality Images: Professionals have the expertise and equipment to capture stunning visuals. We understand lighting, composition, and editing techniques to create clear, attractive images that showcase your property or product in the best light.
  • Increased Engagement: High-quality photos are more likely to grab attention and hold it. Professional shots can evoke positive emotions and create a desire to learn more about what you're marketing.
  • Faster Sales and Higher Returns: In the competitive world of real estate, listings with professional photography tend to sell faster and for more money. Quality photos create a positive first impression and can encourage potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space.
  • Time Savings: Taking and editing high-quality photos can be very time-consuming. A professional photographer can take care of everything for you, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Wider Reach: Social media platforms and search engines tend to favor content with high-quality visuals. Professional photos can help your marketing materials stand out and reach a wider audience.
  • Expertise: Professional real estate photographers know how to stage a property to make it look its best and capture the features that are most appealing to buyers.

Hiring a professional photographer is an investment that can pay off in a big way. The quality visuals they produce can help you make a strong first impression, increase engagement, and ultimately achieve your marketing or sales goals.

The Professional Drone Photography Workflow

When you work with a professional photographer, you can expect a practiced procedure to the experience. Usually, it will look like this -

Pre-Production Planning: Discuss the importance of initial consultations, understanding the client's vision, and securing necessary permits.

Location Scouting and Flight Planning: Highlight the importance of scouting for optimal shooting locations and planning safe flight paths.

Shoot Day Logistics and Safety Protocols: Emphasize pre-flight checks, safety protocols on set, and communication with air traffic control (if applicable).

Capturing the Shots: Describe the process of operating the drone, capturing the desired footage, and managing weather conditions.

Post-Production Processing: Explain the editing process for color correction, stabilization, and creating a cohesive final product.


Choosing Boise Aerial Drone Photography

As a professional drone photography company in the Boise area, we have great familiarity with -
  • Flight Regulations and Permits: Professional drone pilots are well-versed in complex Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations governing airspace use. They understand restrictions on altitude, proximity to airports and controlled airspace, and no-fly zones. This ensures safe operation and avoids legal trouble.
  • Weather Expertise: Professional drone pilots factor in weather conditions like wind speed, visibility, and precipitation when planning a shoot.  High winds can make drone control difficult, while rain or snow can damage equipment and compromise image quality.  They have the experience to assess weather risks and make informed decisions about when or when not to fly.
  • Advanced Maneuvering and Composition: Professional drone pilots have mastered advanced flying techniques for capturing unique angles and smooth cinematic footage. They understand how to frame shots creatively, maintain stable flight paths, and capture dynamic movement that elevates the visual impact of the final product.

What makes Boise Aerial Drone Photography truly unique among our competitors is that we are: 
  • Locally based
  • Veteran owned
  • Experienced and focused
  • Friendly, with great customer service
  • Certified with the FAA

Whenever you need a professional aerial drone photographer call Boise Aerial Drone Photography at (208) 912-2963 or contact us online. We concentrate our work on real estate marketing, rooftop inspections, and construction projects