May 23, 2024

Beyond Bricks & Mortar: Transforming Construction with Drone Services

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You might be someone who is very much in the know about all of the latest technology and the ever-advancing capabilities of drone photography. Or you might think of drones as just the latest toy that the kids are into these days. But, did you know that drone cameras have a variety of practical applications? A drone can go anywhere a helicopter (though not as high) or crane can for aerial shots and at a tiny fraction of the cost and effort.

One of the practical applications of drone photography and videography is in construction. And it could be a real game changer for the industry.

Construction projects need a great deal of documentation for several purposes. You'll need photography of your project from surveys in the planning and procurement stages to walk-throughs of the finished building.

Boise Aerial Drone Photography is experienced in construction photography or videography services and will be happy to walk you through some of the top applications


Using Drone Photography for Construction

Ensuring clear communication and collaboration across all teams working on a complex construction project can be a challenge. Traditional methods of monitoring progress may not provide the comprehensive picture you need. Drone photography offers a great solution.

By capturing high-resolution aerial images and videos of your site, you can share real-time updates with stakeholders, identify potential delays or obstacles early on, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

More specifically, your benefits from utilizing Boise Aerial Drone Photography's construction photography services can include -

Improved Progress Monitoring- Capture high-resolution images and videos from various angles, allowing for comprehensive tracking of a project's development.

  • Traditional vs. Drone-based Monitoring: Gone are the days of relying solely on ground-level inspections or manned aircraft for progress updates. These methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and limited in scope.  Drone photography offers a far more efficient and comprehensive solution.
  • Unmatched Viewpoints: Drones can capture high-resolution images and videos from a spectacular variety of angles. Including from directly overhead, which is often impossible or unsafe to achieve from the ground. This elevated perspective can allow project managers to see the entire construction site at once.
  • Detailed Progress Tracking: By scheduling regular drone flights with Boise Aerial Drone Photography, you can create a time-lapse record of your project's development. This visual timeline allows for easy comparison of progress over time, highlighting areas that are on track and identifying any potential delays or deviations from the plan.
  • Quantifiable Data Collection: Our ultra-modern drone technology can be equipped with specialized software that goes beyond just capturing visuals. Drone-collected data can generate 3D models of the construction site, allowing for precise volume calculations of materials like earthwork or stockpiles. This data can be invaluable for tracking progress against the project schedule and budget.
  • Better Communication and Collaboration: Drone-captured images and videos can be easily shared with all stakeholders involved in the project, including remote teams, clients, and investors. This transparency fosters better communication and collaboration, ensuring everyone has a clear understanding of the project's progress.
  • By incorporating drone photography into your construction workflow, you gain a powerful tool for improved progress monitoring, leading to better decision-making, increased efficiency, and ultimately, a successful project outcome.

Enhanced Site Analysis & Benefits - Gain a bird's-eye view to assess complex sites, identify potential challenges, and plan accordingly during pre-construction.

  • Revealing hidden details: Drones can capture high-resolution images that reveal subtle changes in topography, and potential drainage issues, or even identify unexpected obstacles buried underground.
  • Improved planning capabilities: This detailed overview allows for better planning of material deliveries, equipment placement, and workforce allocation throughout the construction process.
  • Safety assessments: Drones can safely inspect hard-to-reach areas or hazardous structures, helping to identify potential safety concerns before workers are put at risk.
  • Streamlined Communication: Share visual data with stakeholders, including investors, clients, and remote teams, for better project transparency.

Drone Videography

Apart from mere documentation, drones can be particularly useful to construction companies for their video recording capabilities. Drone videography services from Boise Aerial Drone Photography offer a whole new dimension to construction workflows, surpassing the capabilities of even high-quality drone photography.

We can provide you with - 
  • Time-lapse videos: Capture the entire construction journey in a captivating video, showcasing the project's evolution from groundbreaking to completion. This is a fantastic tool for presentations, client updates, and even marketing purposes.
  • Detailed inspections: Go beyond static images with video. Drones can provide smooth, close-up footage of specific areas, allowing for thorough inspections of welds, building facades, or complex structures. This eliminates the need for scaffolding or risky climbs, improving safety and efficiency.
  • Progress tracking with overlays: Combine drone footage with on-screen overlays highlighting specific areas or construction phases. This allows viewers to easily track progress on different parts of the project simultaneously.
  • Site surveys and feasibility studies: Utilize drone videography during the initial planning stages to capture detailed aerial surveys of the construction site. This comprehensive data can be used to assess feasibility, identify potential challenges, and inform early-stage planning decisions.
  • Virtual site tours: Create immersive virtual tours of the construction site using drone videography. This allows stakeholders, investors, or even potential clients to experience the project from anywhere in the world, providing a valuable tool for presentations and marketing efforts.

Construction Marketing with Drones

In the world of construction, progress is everything. However, showcasing that progress can be a challenge with traditional methods. Drone photography and videography are revolutionizing the way construction companies can capture and communicate their work.

The unique overall view of your project provided by drone photography will give you access to stunning high-resolution images, showcasing the entire site. These images are perfect for capturing the vast scale of development or highlighting intricate architectural details.

Imagine including breathtaking aerial photos in your project portfolio or using them to create engaging social media posts that keep followers updated on your progress.

Drone videography takes things a step further. By incorporating video, you can weave a compelling narrative around your construction project. Time-lapse videos showcasing the evolution of a building from groundbreaking to completion are a powerful tool. They not only demonstrate your company's expertise in handling complex projects but also create a sense of accomplishment that resonates with potential clients.

If you choose to use drone videography, we can also create immersive virtual tours of your sites, allowing viewers to experience the construction site firsthand – an invaluable tool for attracting new business and showcasing your capabilities.

Boise Aerial Drone Photography is a local, veteran-owned drone photography company with years of experience in construction drone photography. Call us at (208) 912-2963 or contact us online. Aside from construction projects, we do aerial drone photography and videography for real estate marketing and rooftop inspections